conservation-area-vertical-thumbThe grants are available to assist with the repair and restoration of key historic buildings in the centre of Gorebridge

What Grants Are Available?

The grants will be available for the repair and restoration of:

Newbyres Hall priority project.

This is one of the most significant buildings within the boundary of the scheme and the area would greatly benefit if this could be brought back to use and into good repair.

Eligible Buildings

  • 1-53 Main Street
  • 2-60 Main Street
  • 13, 8-12, 19, 21-23, 24-32 Hunterfield Road 
  • 34 Hunterfield Road

Click on the image of the plan to see an enlarged version detailing eligible buildings.

The grant scheme is aimed at local residents and businesses in the Gorebridge Conservation Area to assist with the repair of the historic core of the town.

What Work is Eligible for Grant?

It is intended that the Gorebridge CARS scheme will protect and preserve the historic character and original details by undertaking work to roofs, stonework, gutters and downpipes, chimneys, windows and doors.

The grant rate would be a maximum of 75% towards the cost of eligible work.  The cost of eligible work can include fees when professional advice is used and VAT where it cannot be reclaimed.

It should be noted that all grants are discretionary and subject to the availability of funds.  The inclusion of a building within the scheme does not give any automatic right to a grant.

All the work must be carried out with respect for the character and structure of the building.  For guidance, see historic Scotland’s “Guide for Building Repair Grants Scheme” available on their website,

What Works will not be Grant aided?

Grants are not payable toward routine maintenance, internal decoration (unless it is as a result of eligible repair), conversions, extensions or renewal of services.  These may be carried out at the same time but the costs must be kept separate from those of repairs.

Are there any Conditions attached?

Grants are at the discretion of the funders and are subject to certain conditions.  Please see the Gorebridge CARS Guidance leaflet available to download.

How do I apply?

Click through to our Apply page to find out more.

Supported By:

Gorebridge Community Development TrustHistoric ScotlandMidlothian Council